This Changes Everything - Newcastle premiere screening

-Naomi Klein documentary. Climate change doesn't have to be the end of the world. It can be a new beginning. Hosted by Green Left Weekly.  $20/$15. You can buy tickets online (easier) or rsvp txt or email 0406296141 or

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Sunday Marxism "Women of Steel"

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Sunday Marxism- Racism and Islamophobia

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Newcastle Election Launch with Socialist Alliance Councillor Sue Bolton (Mooreland, Victoria)!

Hi Comrades and Supporters,

Sue Bolton, a Socialist Alliance member and councillor on Mooreland
Council (Melbourne, Victoria) will visit Newcastle Wednesday, 18th

Sue will hold a press conference at Hamilton Railway Station at
11.45amon Wednesday and launch the Socialist Alliance Newcastle State
election campaign at 6.00 pm that night at the Resistance  Centre, 472
Hunter St, Newcastle.

Mooreland Council is facing what we have faced - secret deals and
unseemly haste to sign contracts that benefit developers. Mooreland
together with Yarra Council both have Socialist Councillors, and are
both proactive in
organising community resistance to the privatisation/land grab agenda.
In fact this pressure forced the Victorian ALP, initially a supporter
of the tollway, to reverse its policy just weeks out from the

With local branch members Sharlene Leroy-Dyer running for the Upper
House and Steve O'Brien running for Newcastle any help with the
campaign would be much appreciated.

For instance:
-If you 'd like to letter-box around your block, we have leaflets
ready to go- just contact Steve to pick up;
- or if you can spare any time handing out 'How to vote cards' at the
pre polling in Darby Street, Cooks Hill, which is
on now, that would be very helpful. It makes a lot of difference even
if you can only hand out for an hour;
-or if you can help to hand out How to Votes on polling day, Saturday
28 March, that would be great.

If you're on facebook, check out the campaign page - lookup
Steve4Newcastle - and comment on it, share it, like and follow it.

For details re NSW State Election - 28 March 2015  see

Prepoll voting is at 235 Darby Street, Cooks Hill from Monday 16 March
- Friday  27 March.

Hours are : Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 6:00pm Thu (26 Mar): 8:00am - 8:00pm,
Sat: 9:00am - 5:00pm.

On Polling Day, Saturday 28th March, booths are open from 8.00am to 6.00pm.


Steve: 0490 122 377  Niko 0406 296 141 email

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Break the political and economic power of big tobacco

My words to the Cancer Council's candidate's forum:

I wish to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land we stand on the Awabakal people,
I’m here tonight with Sharlene Leroy-Dyer who is the lead candidate for the Socialist Alliance for the NSW Upper House. Sharlene is an Aboriginal woman who lives locally.
We have read and discussed the Cancer Council’s Vision For Change policy.
We are quite comfortable with its five points and are particularly pleased to note the emphasis given to addressing cancer among Aboriginal people, in terms of both prevention and treatment.
Cancer Council's Vision for Change include:
  1. Increased Aboriginal workforce in cancer services so Aboriginal people who go to a cancer services will be cared for by an Aboriginal person.
  2. Tobacco retail reform to support people who are trying to quit, and encourage young people to live smoke free.
  3. No chemotherapy co-payments so all patients that have their chemotherapy in a public hospital get it for free, like in other Australian states.
  4. Coordinated cancer care so people with cancer, and their families, get the cancer care they need in a logical, connected and timely manner − no matter where they live in NSW.
  5. More palliative care services so that every person who is dying from cancer has the best quality of life and if needed, a specialist palliative care team to care for them.
Practical measures which can to address the gap between health outcomes for Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Australian are important. 
Non-communicable diseases, such as cancer, kill many more people globally than infectious diseases, yet the later attract most of the funding and political attention.
We congratulate the Cancer Council for addressing this imbalance with this policy. We also note the Cancer Council’s firm stance against tobacco.
However, on the tobacco industry we go further.
The political and economic power of big tobacco must be broken.
Liberal and Labor governments are dependent on the taxes they raise from tobacco sales. Their links to big tobacco as well as gambling and alcohol need to be exposed.
As a socialist I believe that the production, distribution sale of tobacco products should be controlled by the state.
I’m not saying that tobacco should be banned. If you want to smoke that’s your business.
However, when smoking affects the health of non-smokers, and when the tobacco companies cynically making huge profits at the expense of our public health – that’s another matter.
Strip big tobacco of its wealth and power and that will reduce smoking and cancer.

If you want to know more about Cancer Council's Vision for Change, check their website here.

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